BIO 2018: An energizing experience in life science competition

If you’ve ever visited Tokyo, you’ve likely passed through the imposing Tokyo Station, a thriving hub of interconnecting commuter rail and subway lines. It’s fascinating to watch the flow of people at rush hour — every individual navigating the hallways with intent focus to ensure they catch their train on time. You see competition for space, but also cooperation so that everyone reaches their destination. Navigating Tokyo Station for the first time can be intimidating. But with a bit of experience (at least in my case), it can be an energizing endeavor.

The study of startup success: What research says about life science entrepreneurism

Forty years ago, life science entrepreneurs didn’t have nearly as many resources as they have today. The biotech industry was just blossoming. And for the first time, university researchers were exploring the idea of commercializing their discoveries.

For scientific founders, the familiar can be dangerous

London can be a perilous place for me. Don’t get me wrong, London is a great city. I love it, visit it whenever possible, and love to photograph its beautiful cityscapes. However, on at least two occasions, I have been nearly taken out by a red double-decker bus.